24 John Smith & Son Locks in MD

Want your keys copied?

Do you have duplicate keys for all your locks? If not, you may need your keys copied. Sometimes you need extra keys when there are multiple users. You may think having one key is safe and good enough but you will be in trouble if a lockout happens. Have duplicate keys made by experts not by amateurs. 24 John Smith & Son Locksmith in MD specializes in all kinds of services relating to keys. We will have our experts copy the design of your key, make one or more copies and deliver them to you fast. You can depend on us for quality and confidentiality. Call us now.

Mobile home locks – Poor service will immobilize your locks

Locks for your mobile home have to be both strong and sleek looking. Our team of experts will install the best locks for your mobile home. A defective installation may disrupt the delicate mechanism of these locks. 24 John Smith & Son Locks in MD is a company known for expertise, efficiency and reliability for all services relating to locks. We understand locks like nobody else does and can handle different types of locks appropriately. Secure your mobile homes by getting the locks installed properly. Safety is of high concern for mobile homes. So locks need good maintenance and prompt servicing, which we take care of. Call us for your needs.

New locks installation? We are the best – 24 John Smith & Son Locksmith

The best time to make a lock most secure is when it is installed. Realize the importance of new locks installation and leave the job to experts. Choose the best in the field. You can’t think of a better name than 24 John Smith & Son emergency locksmith Baltimore who combine expertise with experience and remain leaders in servicing locks of every kind. Avoid the need for reinstallation by engaging amateurs. Let our trained experts hand the installation of new locks and relax. Our perfect installation will make the locks function well for long with no troubles. Call us for a prompt service and experience excellence.

Re-keying jobs need expertise – 24 John Smith & Son Locksmith

Sometimes you may need to change the key of a lock for security reasons. You can make a new set of keys made through re-keying. Changing the key is a sophisticated job requiring high level precision. You can trust only experts like 24 John Smith & Son Locks in MD for this job. Even a small mistake will damage the lock forcing you to spend a fortune on a new lock. This is a professional job and we have experts trained and experienced in this. We will do the job fast and deliver you the new keys. Don’t get your lock damaged by inexperienced locksmiths. Call us at 410-885-6004 .

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