John Smith and Son Emergency Locksmith Baltimore

A peephole installation can be a lifesaver

Tightening security at a home is a great thing to do as it seems the crime rate is rising each day. There are many basic security services that can be added to a home and one is peephole installation. A peephole can mean the difference between knowing who is on the other side of the door, and a sudden home invasion. We at John Smith and Son Emergency Locksmith Baltimore offer many types of peepholes for our technicians to install that will keep your family safe. Speak with Emergency Locksmith Baltimore MD to decide which peephole is best for your home as well as finding out our other services.

Installation of high security locks will help to deter intruders

With high security locks installed it decreases the frequency of which intruders will try to enter the home or business. Many locks may look like they are high security, however, unless they have gone through the test and given the appropriate rating they are not. We at John Smith and Son Emergency Locksmith Baltimore want to ensure that your home, office or business is safe and secure which is why we only use high security locks. Cheap locks are easy to break into, so upgrade to a better lock, which our technicians will install quickly and efficiently. Speak with us about our locks and services today.

Install master key systems to control access to your building easier

A master key helps to control access to a office building easier, thereby knowing who has accessed the building when; as well as controlling the areas they can enter. It is even easy to change locks when a key is lost as the keys are numbered pertaining to the lock. John Smith and Son Emergency Locksmith Baltimore MD can install master key systems to help control your buildings security easier. Providing high-quality, custom security systems that meet each company’s needs, we guarantee greater security. If you need a master key system installed contact us for information and we’ll get you a quote on our services.

Lockout services for home, auto or business any time

Locked out of your home, vehicle or business?. A lockout can be not only alarming but frustrating and stressful as well, which is why John Smith and Son 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Baltimore has lockout services any time of the day or night. We are just a phone call away at 410-885-6004 and will be there quickly, having you back in your home, auto, or business before you know it. Moreover, we handle all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs regardless of where you are. Our company provides reliable and dependable locksmith service and have  highly-trained technicians. Contact our friendly staff for service information and pricing.