John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore | 24 hour locksmith in Baltimore MD

The Leading Team for Physical Security

The leading force in physical security installation and hardware in the local area is John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore. Our company is a united group of professionals dedicated to supplying top notch security solutions for your home, car and office. Our team knows the city inside and out. Our technicians will get to you within no more than 15 minutes. That’s not all, our Baltimore locksmith places low prices high among its aims of service and offers competitive rates like no other. John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore was started by an experienced family of technicians with traditional locksmithing values. We aspire to supply the people of this city with professional, reliable, and affordable physical security services.

Thoroughly Trained Technicians

John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore technicians are thoroughly trained and meet the highest and most rigorous demands of working in today’s ever-changing technological world. Our technicians at  Baltimore Locksmith are responsible and professional. They have the most reliable training in customer service and aim for high levels of satisfaction. John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore offers free estimates and evaluations to insure you a safe environment at your home or place of business. We are also always available 24 hours a day everyday of the year for any of your automotive physical security needs anywhere in the local area.

Available Service for Emergency Professional Lock Picking

At some point in all of our lives there has been a moment when we have been locked out of car, home, or office. There is a locksmith in Baltimore that has a professional lock picker that has the skills to open any door without damaging the lock. This is a delicate procedure that should be handled by the masters. Our Baltimore, MD locksmith proud to present to the community a 24 hour service everyday to help with life’s little problems. Again, this is a service that is available for residential locks, commercial locks, and automotive locks. There is never a bad time to call and there is never a lock too tough.


The Local Provider for Safes and Vaults 24 Hours a Day

A safe or vault can be a valuable addition to any office or home security. These devices are the best way to protect and store valuables, documents, and fire arms. The most famous brands on the market like Hamilton, Fire King, ioSafe, Gun Vault, and many others. Baltimore, MD Locksmith have built this service around convenience. John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore also has a fully skilled safe repairman and professional safe opener. If you are in need a safe or vault cracking than call us immediately and we can have a technician on the way just as fast.

The Fastest Repair for Emergency Automotive Security

This is a pretty unique service that we are happy to offer 24 hours a day. Assuming that you are an owner of a watercraft, motorcycle, automobile, or tractor then you could benefit from our emergency roadside assistance. We have a locksmith on the road that can reprogram transponders, repair ignitions, duplicate keys, and repair locks. Since our mobile locksmith can be anywhere in the city within 15 minutes, we are confident in our abilities to help you move on with our day. We are more convenient and cheaper than a garage or dealership.

A Locksmith that Provides All the Major Brands

The most successful brands on the market can be arranged for delivery at the most convenient time. These are brands like Kwikset, Master Lock, Falcon, Wilco, Schlage, Medeco, Emtek, Amsec, Corbin Russwin, Von Duprin, and many others. The very locks that you want can be brought to you by a locksmith. Call 410-885-6004 and ask for the products that you need by name. We will facilitate all the needs at the most convenient time. That is the method of our success. We have the tools and skills to stall any lock that will maximize their strength for the greatest value to any of our customer.

John Smith and Son Lockss have Mastered All Types of Locks

There are locks that are on market that are complicated and then there are those that are simple. We have every type of lock that be offered. We are talking about locks like jimmy proof deadbolts, electronic locks, knob locks, handle locks, combination locks, padlocks, and other types. Our locksmiths have mastered the best ways to install each lock for the ultimate in physical security. This is the best way to keep out unwanted guests. You will feel safer and we can ensure that you will gain a defense that is will last. This is the time to get the protection from home invasions that you need. There is no reason to spend another day or night risking the things that matter most.

Overlooked Patio door locks

One of the more important key features in the house is Patio door locks but they are commonly forgotten. Many people are adding security modifications, but just to the main house. But John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore is encouraging these individuals to ensure that the security is present in and out of the household. This is to eliminate the threat of potential burglaries or other crimes that might be done to the structure, or give harm to the people who are residing at the house. If people want to know more about this feature in their homes, they can call 410-885-6004 for inquiries.