John Smith and Son 24 Hour Locksmith Baltimore MD

A 24/7 service is convenient when locked out at night

It has happened to the best of us, as we are leaving the club around midnight we realize we have left our keys in the car. There’s no need to worry, we at John Smith and Son 24 Hour Locksmith Baltimore MD offer a 24/7 service for your home, auto and business just pick up the phone and call; we will be there promptly. Our technicians will quickly and efficiently have you back in your home, auto or business swiftly. Contact us when you need a lockout service, and we will help you regain entry to your home, auto or business. Call us about pricing and services.

Car lockout services are important when it’s late at night

It is late at night, the baby needs Tylenol and you can’t find your keys, looking all over you realize that the only place they could be is your vehicle. You go check and sure enough they’re sitting on the seat were you left. Don’t freak out John Smith and Son 24 Hour Locksmith Baltimore MD offers Car lockout services at any time of the day or night, plus we won’t make you wait all night either, and we’ll have you in your vehicle quickly and efficiently. So, just contact us for information on any of our services and pricing we will be glad to unlock your vehicle promptly.

Gun locks are important to have in a home especially with children

Gun locks are used to prevent or avoid accidental discharge of a firearm. They help to decrease unforeseen death, injury and damage caused by the incorrect storage, handling and possession of firearms. At John Smith and Son 24 Hour Locksmith Baltimore MD we carry many different types of these locks to help prevent the accidental discharge of your firearm. We all know that children are curious about everything and this goes for firearms also, these locks will help to deter them from playing with the gun giving you peace of mind. Moreover, contact us for information about our locks and other services, our children are important to keep safe.

Updating to high security locks will help keep your building more secure

You can make your home or business more secure by installing high security locks. These locks can prevent burglars; while cheaper metal locks are easier to force open. However, we at John Smith and Son 24 Hour Locksmith Baltimore MD use only high security locks made from the sturdiest metals. There are many different types of that can raise the security level of your home or business ranging from keyed to electronic locks, each one having its own type and level of security. Contact us at 410-885-6004 for information regarding our high security locks and which is best for you.

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