Deadbolt Lock Types – The Primary Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Lock Types – The Primary Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are high-quality security door locks. They are of different types. Each type has its uniqueness and quality. Unlike most key locks that use springs, deadbolt locks do not. They are complex locks for lock pickers to pick. They are the ideal front door locks. Keys can be operated, and they also have advanced technology. It is your choice. The advanced technology can be a smart lock, an electric lock, or some other high-end technology lock.

Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

The most popular deadbolt locks are the single-cylinder deadbolt lock, double-cylinder lock, and lockable thumb turn. The single-cylinder lock is used mostly interiorly. There is a keyhole on the outside, but a thumb turn on the inside for locking and unlocking it. If it’s used on the exterior door, the thumb turn can be assessed via glasses on the door or nearby window. Even with some tools, it can be accessed via the keyhole.

Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

The double cylinder deadbolt lock is much more secure than the single cylinder. It operates with keys both on the inside and outside, which serves as a solution to the single-cylinder problem. It has a major disadvantage in emergency cases. Since it requires a key for locking and unlocking both on the inside and outside, not finding a key when locked inside to escape an emergency will cause a lot of trouble. So, it is advised that a key should be left in the keyhole on the inside if people are indoors.

This will ensure safety exists in the event of an emergency. The last type of primary deadbolt lock is the lockable thumb turn. It is the merging of both the single-cylinder and double-cylinder features. It possesses a thumb turn on the inside like the single-cylinder, but the thumb turn is lockable with a key. Making it key lockable from within and outside, like the double cylinder. The thumb turn can be left in an unlocked mode when inside and locked when outside.

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