John Smith and Son Locks in Rockville MD

Purchase The Latest Magnetic Locks For Fool Proof House Security

Magnetic locks can be used at various external points in a residential site. John Smith and Son Locks in Rockville MD promises to provide the highest standards of magnetic security locks. Our supply of security devices comes from different parts of the world. We import security devices from only the top manufacturers around the globe. The latest batch of magnetic security locks is impressive in terms of features, technology, functioning, durability and life. Visit us during the day hours to check out the latest batch of magnetic security locks.

Add To Your House Security By Installing Mobile Home Locks

Have you heard about the locks which can be installed and uninstalled as many times as you want? We are talking about the mobile home locks. The industry has come up with a better and innovative security device. Now, you don’t need to hire a locksmith in order to install or uninstall the lock from your front door or bedroom’s door. John Smith and Son Locks in Rockville MD sells the ideal mobile locks for residential sites. Grab your mobile lock right now by visiting us. We assure you that the mobile locks we sell are of highest standards, quality and features.

Choose From The Huge Range Of Padlocks

Did you know padlocks were the first kind of locks? Yes that’s right, padlocks have been in use for centuries. Padlocks have transformed to what they look today over the time period of decades. John Smith and Son Locks in Rockville MD are offering wide range of padlocks. The price varies for every brand of padlock due to the difference in features, technology, functioning and durability. We are open from 9am to 5pm every Monday to Friday. Keeping a padlock at home is a sensible approach. A padlock can come in handy at anytime and anywhere.

Peephole Installation Takes Couple Of Minutes

Peephole is among the basic and most important security measures for a residential site. No matter how many security devices you install, if you haven’t installed a peephole on the front door then your house security will always remain incomplete. John Smith and Son Locksmith Rockville MD offers peephole installation at affordable charges. Wide range of peepholes is also available for the customers. Our staff can also bring up to 4 peepholes upon your request when you hire our peephole installing service. Just dial 410-885-6004, whenever you need to hire our professional locksmith services.