John Smith & Son Rockville MD Locksmith

Providing The Best New Locks Installation Service

We ask the customers to compare our services with any other locksmith. We believe that the standards of our service delivery are exceptional. In order to hire our services, all you need to do is to pick up the phone and get in contact with our staff. New locks installation service is delivered by sending 3 expert technicians at your location. The standard and quality of service delivery remains same whether the job is to be done at residential or commercial site. John Smith and Son Rockville MD Locksmith cares about the customers and their issues.

Re-keying Is An Ideal Solution When You Lose The Keys

The time has gone when you needed to purchase a new lock and get it installed on the front door if your house keys were stolen. These days, you can hire re-keying service in such a situation. Numerous benefits are gained by availing rekeying service. John Smith and Son Rockville MD Locksmith is providing rekeying service 24 hours around the clock. The cost of rekeying service is way lesser in comparison to purchasing a new lock and getting it installed. After the lock is rekeyed, old keys become waste material while new keys are provided.

Transponder Key Is Just Like Any Other Key

There are many benefits of using a transponder key. First of all, purchasing a transponder key does not cost much. On the other hand, a transponder key remains effective for lifetime. Transponder keys have the same appearance of your genuine car key. The key includes a small chip inside the plastic section. However, the chip remains hidden which is why no one can find out whether you are using a transponder key or a normal key. In this way, it becomes almost impossible for a thief to steal your car. John Smith and Son Locksmith in Rockville MD is offering transponder keys for a wide range of vehicles.

24 hour service

Since the introduction of work evenings service, our business schedule has faced immense burden during the evening hours. It seems like almost everybody wants to hire locksmith services in the evening. We recommend you to call us at 410-885-6004 and book our services in advance. You can call us in the evening but our schedule might be full for the particular evening. To avoid it, John Smith and Son Rockville MD Locksmith is now allowing customers to make reservations over the phone for the delivery of services.