John Smith & Son Residential Locksmith Baltimore MD

The latest technology that can save your home from burglaries can be installed by a certified master technician. If your home is need of style and security then we recommend Schlage door hardware. Here at John Smith & Son Residential Locksmith Baltimore, we can provide you electronic deadbolts, jimmy proof deadbolts, or regular deadbolts. All of us at John Smith & Son Locks can also recommend other types of technologies like electric strike and wireless security. We can help build for you the kind of protection that is connected to your smart phone.

Residential Locksmith Baltimore is the Local Leader for Houses and Apartments

As part of our devotion to the community, all of us at John Smith and Son Locks work around the clock to best help the neighborhoods stay safe. We can supply new technology to any home in the area and understand the threats that are facing individual home owners. John Smith & Son Locks Baltimore is a company that is built around respecting your time and budget. Our technicians are known to keep a clean work site and stay punctual. Make it easy for yourself and call a professional and enjoy the reliable installation that can save your home from burglaries.

Residential Locksmith Baltimore MD

Safes and Vaults for the Home from Name Brands

Hamilton, ioSafe, Gun Vault, Fire King, and so many others have partnerships with our company. John Smith and Son Locks in Baltimore is a major supplier of these safes and vaults. We can have a technician appear at your home with a brand new security storage container and have it installed. John Smith & Son Locks also have the gadgets for repairs and opening any safe or vault. These devices are a great way to add extra security when protecting a fire arm, documents, or valuables like jewelry. Call any time.

Brand Name Locks Installed by a Certified Locksmith in Baltimore

When it comes to fitting the proper lock to your home there is no better company than our locksmith in Baltimore. We have the gadgets that are preferred for installation by the major lock companies like Baldwin, Arrow, Kaba, Champion, Hayman, Kwikset, Sargent, Amsec, Medeco, Sargent, American Lock, and many others. These are the brands that have been trusted in the community and workplace for years. We can save you money through purchase and installation in a quality package. This is a safe installation.

Associated Locksmiths of American have Certified Our Company

Through years a complicated courses and testing we have achieved the standard for physical security in the Western World. When protecting your home it is important to be able to trust without a doubt the defense protecting your home. Our residential locksmiths have proven themselves to a higher authority and to the community of their skills. After one easy phone call, we can help you achieve the peace of mind that any happy home owner deserves in this crazy messed up world of ours. We work around the clock to better serve the customer.

Reliable Residential Locksmith Service in Baltimore MD 410-885-6004

Professional Lock Picking by a Punctual Locksmith

As part of our emergency service to the community, we have a professional lock picking service. An amateur lock picking could damage the lock and end up costing more money through repairs. We have the simple solution to a minor inconvenience and we can arrive within 15 minutes of any call. John Smith & Son house locksmith Baltimore MD can help save you time and trouble so call 410-885-6004 and a technician will be on the way. This service is part of our commitment to helping our friends and neighbors stay safe and warm. We are open 24 hours a day.

An Automotive Locksmith for the Neighborhood

An automobile is as much part of the home as the dwellings. A quality physical security for motor vehicles is imperative. We also have a locksmith that specializes in ignition and lock repair. If you need a transponder reprogramming or key duplication then we can do that also. If you want easy and affordable then this is your service. You no longer have to waste time with a tow for minor repairs on your motor vehicles like water crafts, automobiles, or tractors. This is covered in our emergency service.