John Smith and Son Locks in Towson MD

Emergencies happen – that’s why we work weekends!

We all know that, sometimes, things happen that are beyond your (or anyone’s) control. You may break your locks or lock yourself out of your car at a bad time, for example. Because of that, we at John Smith and Son Locksmith in Towson MD have people on call that work weekends and throughout the night in order to take care of you and keep you safe. If you’ve got an emergency, any time of day, any day of the week, give us a call at 410-885-6004 so that we can get you back into your routine again.

Key duplication services, when you need them.

One of the worst things to realize, when you’re getting ready to go on vacation or a trip, is that you don’t have a spare key to give to the person that is supposed to be taking care of your property while you’re gone. We at John Smith and Son Locks in Towson MD have key duplication services that we offer at our offices on a daily basis; head over to our website or give us a call to see when we’ll be there and how quickly we’ll be able to get the new key to the person that needs it.

No more embarrassing lockouts with our lockout services.

It’s really embarrassing to get locked out of a building or vehicle, isn’t it? Many times, we don’t want to admit that we did it in the first place – we may feel sheepish or silly. If you’re of any age, you also may not want to call someone to come and let you in. Don’t feel embarrassed! Give John Smith and Son Locksmith Towson MD a call today and we can help you get back in with our quick and efficient lockout services. We’ve got the tools you need to get back into your building or vehicle quickly.

Call us to install magnetic locks.

Magnetic locks are one of those innovations that really make it easy for people to keep their homes safe and secure. This technology uses multiple layers of security to ensure that you’re the only one that’s able to get in and out of your home or office. They’re also a lot less expensive to supply keys for than other locks. If you’re looking into getting magnetic locks, let John Smith and Son Locks in Towson MD come in and take care of the process for you. Our team will get in there, start it, and have it finished in almost no time.