John Smith and Son Locks in Silver Spring MD

Problem with Transponder keys? Seek expert help

If you have any problem with transponder keys you need the services of specialists because these keys are based on sophisticated technology. General locksmiths can’t handle this. Our service persons are professionally trained in Electronics to fix the problems with this kind of keys. For dependable service, think of John Smith and Son Locks in Silver Spring MD, a reliable name for servicing all kinds of keys. We will fix the problem quickly. Our focus will be on keeping the key intact after the problem is fixed. Inexperienced workers may cause your keys unusable by improper handling. Use our expertise and get your keys back in action with perfection.

Expert assistance for fixing Window gates problems

Do you have problems with the window gates at your home? Whether you have a small problem like a single bar getting broken or face a serious damage, call John Smith and Son Locks in Silver Spring MD. Our well trained expert servicemen will be at your doors to fix the problem. We will do the job quickly and perfectly. We take care of all aspects of these gates from making the fasteners strong to fixing the bars properly. Once the job is done by us, you can feel safe since you won’t get any problem for a long time. Our costs will be reasonable and affordable.

Problem with your magnetic locks?

We can fix any problems relating to your magnetic locks. These locks work fine but will cause you a lot of trouble if they malfunction. We have specialist locksmiths with deep knowledge in electromagnetic aspects who can fix the problem quickly and effectively. If the door is locked and the lock is stuck, it needs a lot of sophistication to unlock the door. Beware of inexperienced technicians who may mess up the job and create the need for breaking the door. You can feel safe with John Smith and Son Locks in Silver Spring MD. We have a lot of experience in repairing locks operating on electromagnetic principles.

New locks installation – Beware of long term implications

If you need new locks to be installed, call us. Whether you are installing locks for a new home or office or you are replacing locks in your home or office, get the job done by us. We have well trained professional with rich experience to do the job with finesse. New locks installation needs to be done properly with precision and perfection. Improper installation will cause recurring problems for a long time. Call John Smith and Son Locksmith Silver Spring MD for installing any type of new lock. We have expertise and experience in installing and servicing all kinds of locks. Go for the best. Call us at 410-885-6004