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Get the most out of your cars with our transponder keys

The chips embedded in the transponder keys are what make them special. The message sent to and from the ECU (engine control unit) and the key is essential for the engine to start to smoothly and enable you to move the car. When you have the right keys at your disposal you will have a smooth engine operation and therefore you can make the most out of your travelling experience with the car. John Smith and Son Locksmith Baltimore is the company you need to watch out for if you want to have the keys matching your requirements. Call us today so that we can help you design and develop the keys.

We can work evenings if your requirements need that way!

Working at any hour of the day has never been a problem to us or will be. Our technicians are not just experienced and talented; they are also willing to work for you depending upon your requirements. So if you want us to work evenings, just let us know. We will only be glad to go ahead with the work that way. John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore has been a leading player in the industry for the commitment it has shown to various projects over the years. Give a call at 410-885-6004 and discuss whatever the requirements you may be having. We will have a solution ready with us.

We are experts when it comes to providing broken key extraction services

Finding broken keys inside your lock can be a frustrating experience for many of us. This is when we need to take the services of experts that can help us with broken key extraction services. John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore is one provider you can rely on for these works. Not only we do have experts that can do these works for you quickly and efficiently, but you can always count on us to get the job done within your budget! Not many companies in the market can claim to do this for you. We can promise you based on our experience and exposure to latest technologies.

Our experts can do new locks installation in pretty quick time

When there is an urgent need for new locks installation at your place, there is only one service provider that can do the job for you in a satisfactory way – John Smith and Son Locks. Why are we highly regarded by our clients in this business? The answer is simple. We are highly committed to providing excellent services and products to our clients and ensure that their security isn’t compromised at any stage. We have the support of experienced and friendly technicians that work day-in and day-out to ensure the security services are delivered to you perfectly. Call us today and stay assured always!

Get great deals in choosing our patio door locks

If patio door locks is what you have been shopping for, then there is some good news for you. John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore MD is the most reliable supplier of these locks in your area. We have been providing these locks since a long time and can help you get these locks too! Our locks, as you may expect from a leading supplier to provide you, are made of finest grade materials and technologies. Therefore, when you pick up these locks from us, you can rest assured of getting quality service from them. Also, as we supply a wide variety of these locks to our clients, you can certainly look forward to receiving attractive deals. Just call us for any help.

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John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore | 24 Hour Locks

Getting To Know The Magnetic Locks

In the market, you will find various types of locks such as magnetic locks, padlocks, dead bolts, door locks, etc. We will be informing you today about magnetic locks. These locks are commonly used at business places such as retail stores, malls and plazas. The locks used at patio doors are actually magnetic locks. John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore has the privilege to offer you more than 15 brands of magnetic locks. All our products are provided along a warranty. Our firm also offers the installation service for all kinds of locks.

Secure Your Assets With Window Gates Application

People leave their windows open. When we say open we mean that there is no security device to lock them. It is not safe to live like that. Your life could be in danger. On the other hand, your valuable property could be at risk. Such a small error can lead to a disastrous event. We can offer a solution in form of our window gates. Latest designs are elegant and beautiful. John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore provides the option of choosing from 10 models of window gates. Do you have any queries about window gates? Just simply dial the helpline number where our staff will assist you.

Work Evenings Service Is Offered At Same Charges

Locksmiths work from 9 to 5. John Smith and Son Locks Baltimore works 24/7 for the betterment of dearest customers. If you want to hire locksmith services in the evening hours then call our representative and let him know that you need to avail work evenings service. We have attained a great advantage over other locksmiths by offering services in the evening. However, we don’t take it as a point to charge extra. You get to pay the same charges whether you hire our services in evening or day time. For more information, feel free to contact our 24 hour locksmith at 410-885-6004.