John Smith and Son Locks, Keys and Services

Enhance your vehicles security with transponder keys

Irrespective of the vehicle model you drive, we at John Smith and Son Locks, bring automotive locksmith services that are affordable right to your location. Our locksmiths have undergone a special training to work on transponder keys that will work for any car model. Whether you want to get a new key or reprogram your existing one, we can help you achieve this. Our technicians are always equipped with the latest software to program or reprogram these types of keys. Other auto-dependable reliable Baltimore, MD locksmith services that we offer include key duplication, vehicle locks keys and service among others.

Protect your residential/commercial buildings against unwanted invasions with window gates

If you want to improve your buildings safety and security, then having window gates in place is ideal. At John Smith and Son Locks; we do installation of window gates and security bars for both commercial and residential buildings. By having such windows in place, you will be able to keep invaders at bay as well as prevent break-ins. These windows also come in handy when it comes to escaping danger especially in the event of emergencies such as fire among others. Our technicians have the required training and tools to handle these installations.

Secure your buildings with magnetic locks

The fact that magnetic locks use magnetism and electricity to secure a building is one thing that has made them a darling for many. With several advantages of these locks such as easy installation, low maintenance and durability, the locks are becoming a common feature in most modern buildings. At John Smith and Son Locks, we do installation, repair and maintenance of these locks. Over the years, our locksmiths have learnt how these locks work; and how to install them so that they can offer excellent security. We also offer free advisory on the best types of locks keys and service that you can go for.

We offer new locks installation services

If you happen to buy a 2nd hand car, you might need to install new locks; so as to be sure that the one who sold it to you will not come for it. At John Smith and Son Locks, we offer new locks installation services on vehicles and buildings. Our locksmiths know the best kind of locks that cannot be manipulated or be altered such that any key can open them. Our response time when called on duty is also commendable as we have standby vans that our locksmiths use when called for services. Contact us to schedule installation with our technicians.

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