John Smith and Son Car Locksmith Baltimore

All transponder keys should be replaced by a professional

If transponder keys need to be replaced they should always be replaced by a professional, as they are computer programmed to work with a specific car and are not like a regular key cut for the ignition. John Smith and Son Car Locksmith Baltimore has trained technicians that are able to program transponder keys to fit all makes and models of vehicles. The keys we program are guaranteed to work and will only work with the car it is configured too. Only a phone call away we respond quickly when called, contact us for more information on our services and prices for reprogramming of transponder keys.

Window gates protect from inside and from the outside

Window gates sometimes called security bars have been around for many years, they are used as a low-tech and low-cost back up to home-security. However, they protect two ways, they can keep intruders from getting in and small children and some pets from getting out. We at John Smith and Son Car Locksmith Baltimore understand that security is important and we have many different types of gates to choose from some are even decorative. Our technicians can have them installed at your home or business quickly and efficiently. To get an estimate , a list of our services and products contact us today and get protected.

Magnetic locks are superior to non-magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are superior to non-magnetic locks as the latter can be manipulated easily, however the magnetic locks need to be controlled by a key-card or code. These locks can be acquired by contacting us for information, and prices. We at John Smith and Son Car Locksmith Baltimore can install state-of-the-art magnetic locks quickly and at affordable prices. Our stock not only contains a wide selection of fail safe and fail secure devices and are an excellent way to secure a home or business. If you’re interested in a upgraded level of security for your home or business contact us for information on pricing and services.

Ensure that New locks installation are completed correctly

New locks installation must be completed correctly for them to provide maximum security for homes, offices and businesses. The technicians at John Smith and Son Car Locksmith Baltimore are professional as well as highly-trained to ensure that each lock is installed properly, so that it will provide the security needed. Each lock is of high quality and our techs are trained to install many different lock types from deadbolt to regular entry. We offer all major brands of locks for our installations into homes, offices, and businesses. Find out what brands we offer as well as our pricing and services by calling us at 410-885-6004 today.