John Smith and Son Baltimore MD Locksmith

Vehicle locks are all different from key to transponder

Manufacturers are making many different kinds of keys for automobiles now, these are different than the plain old brass key locks on older model cars. There are now transponder keys as well.  A certified locksmith like John Smith and Son Baltimore MD Locksmith should handle vehicle lock-related work since the owner will want to make sure he doesn’t damage the vehicle during the process. We provide a fast, reliable locksmith service for automobiles that ensures that each key works in the lock every time. If you need of automotive locksmith services we are only a phone call away.

Use window locks as an added level of security for home or business

When an extra level of security is needed for homes or businesses use window locks. They help prevent intruders from getting in, as well as preventing children from crawling or falling out of the window. We at John Smith and Son Baltimore MD Locksmith understand the importance of keeping your family and employees safe, which is why we ensure each of the locks we install is safe and secure for the occupants of the building. Our technicians are trained with all different types of locks keys and service such as slide, sash, and more. If you’re looking to add that extra level of security contact us for more information.

Some locksmiths do work weekends

Too busy during the week to have that extra set of keys made; and now you need to find somewhere to have them made. Don’t fret we at John Smith and Son Baltimore MD Locksmith; do work weekends offering many services such as lock picking, re-keying, lock installation and much more. Unlike many locksmiths who work only five days a week, we understand some of our clients require our services on the weekends; so we are available seven days a week, and we ensure that each call is quickly resolved. Too busy during the week contact us for weekend services.

Key duplication is an answer to lost or broken keys

We never expect to lose or break a key but it inevitably happens, and when it does we know to call a locksmith for a new key or a new lock, depending on the situation. With John Smith and Son Baltimore MD Locksmith if a key is lost or broken; our key duplication system will have that key back to you in no time. Preparing for a disaster such as losing a key to your home or business can be avoided by duplicating a key ahead of. Call our technicians at 410-885-6004 to have your keys duplicated to avoid lost and broken keys in the future.

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