John Smith and Son Baltimore Locksmiths

To get Keys copied go to a professional locksmith

Needing to have keys copied? Make sure that you use a professional locksmith in Baltimore, as they bring the know-how, and will not cross security issues such as making illegal copies of keys or copying no-duplicate keys without the letter of approval. We at John Smith and Son Baltimore Locksmiths are professionally licensed locksmiths that ensure dependable, reliable work every time; regardless of whether it is for home, auto or business. We copy keys for most many things such as spare house keys, storage sheds, padlocks and much more. Our staff looks forward to hearing from you and giving you the information on our key copying system.

Mobile home locks need an extra level of security

Mobile and manufactured homes are broken into more than constructed homes are; the reason being is that the doors are easy to force and pry open more often than not. When owners upgrade their Mobile home locks to better more secure ones; it’s not as easy for an intruder to force the lock. John Smith and Son Baltimore Locksmiths has sturdy locks that will give your mobile or manufactured home that extra level of security making you feel safer than you normally would. When you are ready to step up your home security level contact us; and we’ll explain which locks are best for your home.

A New locks installation needs to provide a certain level of security

When a new lock is being installed whether it is a newly constructed home or business, or just a new door being added; it needs to have a certain level of security for the residents. We at John Smith and Son Baltimore Locksmiths use high security locks on each of our new locks installations so that the owners will feel safe and secure. These locks will help to deter intruders from trying to force their way into the home or business. Our technicians only use the latest technology as well. Contact us to schedule a time for installation or a quote with our locksmiths today!

Residential and Business re-keying gives a peace of mind to new owners

New owners to a homes or office buildings can always get a nagging feeling of who else may own a set of keys to their doors. To remedy this situation instead of having all the locks changed you can have them re-keyed by a certified locksmith Baltimore. Our re-keying services at John Smith and Son Baltimore Locksmiths can help give a peace of mind to new owners. This service also will help with solving the problem of way too many keys on your key ring as we can re-key them to a master key system. Contact our staff at 410-885-6004 for our information on our services.