Some customer stories

I think I was watching Titanic. It was one of those nice four hour films about boats sinking. I remember starting the film and the sun was out and then leaving and it was total darkness. It was completely disorienting. I could have probably read the book faster.

Such a long boring film that took up almost all of my day. And the worst part was that I lost my keys somewhere before or after I started watching the film. Chances are high that the keys walk off in pure boredom from me.

I didn’t know what to do so I called the locksmith to replace my car keys and I could walk off that miserable Titanic movie.

It is four hours of pure non sense. Quality in culture has gone down when people flock to watch a pretty boy and a fat red head slowly drown in freezing water.

I am always amazed at what people think is creative. The masses can not be trusted but what I can trust  is that my keys were gone. It is things like that that actually makes the movie worse.

That locksmith was like Rambo. He was a total action hero and saved me from a terrible film.

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